Emma Telfer is the Creative Director of Open House Melbourne, an organisation that celebrates the city through its built environment. Open House Melbourne promotes the value of good design, architecture, planning and preservation through a year-round program including the highly popular July weekend.

Emma’s role as Creative Director sees her explore what makes Melbourne a liveable city and what steps we can take through our built environment to ensure it continues to hold this position.

Emma is also a founding partner of the Office For Good Design. The Office is a unique curatorial group that works with private organisations and major cultural institutions to realise their interest in design, architecture, and the broader creative industries.

Office for Good Design curates and produces the MMeets public program for MPavilion, the new summer architecture pavilion presented by the Naomi Milgrom Foundation and the City of Melbourne.

Recent projects include 7 Kinds of Happiness: Conversations on Design and EmotionThe Sound of BuildingsAudio Architecture, and a series of public excursions for the National Gallery of Victoria’s Melbourne Now.

Emma sits on the board of NETS (National Exhibitions Touring Support) and Liquid Architecture Festival. She is also a member of the Arts Centre Melbourne's Australian Performing Arts Collection Committee.